Thursday, October 4, 2012

What can I get you?

Writing is hard. Any kind of writing is incredibly hard, be it books, blogs, role plays, magazine articles, or anything else. To come up with the basics--subjects, characters, setting, goal--takes a lot of imagination. Then you need to decide who you're writing for. When you've managed to figure all of that out, you need to do the actual writing.

I have come to realize I write best when a subject inspires me, and I have received enough positive reinforcements to get into the writing flow. At that point, the pay-off will be worth the effort. When I feel I'm talking into the empty pit of the internet, my desire to write goes down. At that point, coming up with subjects to write about becomes more like a marathon than a treasure hunt. Because writing--when I'm in the right mindset--is like a treasure hunt as a six year old: the most awesome thing in the world.

Theo Bishop, over at Patheos' Bishop in the Grove, wrote a brilliant article with the title 'what do Pagans want to read in their blogs, magazines and books?'. In it, he says the following:

"When you visit this blog — any blog — what are you looking for? Do you want testimonials about lived experiences? Accounts of ritual, whether they be successful or fall-on-your-face-like? Do you want to read about the nuts and bolts of someone’s practice?

[...] Please, enlighten me. Shine a little light on the inside of your reader’s brain. Throw this writer a digital bone."

So, I am asking you the same thing: what are you looking for on this blog? What are the articles you like best? What should I write more about? Or less. This blog functions within the framework of Hellenistic practice, so that limits the number of subjects, but there is still a lot to talk about that I haven't discussed yet. Do you like the series, or would you prefer I do more one-shots?

Would you like posts about theology, about modern day practice, about personal experiences, about the link between ancient and modern worship, or about something else I haven't even discussed? Are there questions you would like answered? This is your chance to ask them, and I would value any advice that comes my way. I write for myself but mostly for you, so any advice is very welcome!


bayoread said...

I really like your informal posts about Ancient Greek subjects, keep those coming!

I'd like to read more about your personal practise too, obviously if you're willing to share that is.

Elani Temperance said...

That's good to hear, thank you. I'll start thinking up personal practice pieces. I really appreciate the reply.

introspectivemaenad said...

I really like your mix of personal insights and historical information. I am also new to Hellinic paganism, so your discoveries as a "fledgling Hellenic" are particularly interesting to me.

When I read pagan blogs, its most often because I'm interested in what other people think and do, personal experiences, individual approaches to spirituality. I like to be challenged by ideas that contradict my own, and also to see that there are others that think similarly to myself.

Memory Walker said...

I'll have what they're having. :) I enjoy the personal insights about you, as a friend of mine, as well as all the intentional topics you write about. I do enjoy the series and themes - the Maxims, the constellations, the alphabet; it provides a touch of structure, something I can expect.
Above all, though, I love that I can come here and *learn something*, something that I wouldn't have gotten elsewhere, from your painstaking and thoughtful perspective. Your descriptions of daily practice breathe life into a practice that can otherwise feel distant and difficult to relate to.

You're doing a great job! If you're ever feeling short on ideas, drop me a message and I'll let you know what my lectures have been making me question recently.

Elani Temperance said...

Thank you for your reply :) I'll integrate more personal practice pieces, as well as try to give more opinion on the issue that I'm discussing. This is something I find a little difficult, so it's a good challenge.

Elani Temperance said...

I am always looking for ideas, so I'll contact you about that, thank you! Thank you, also, for your kind words. Of all my friends who are aware of this blog, you are one of the few who reads just about everything. Please feel free to ask your questions!

Hawthorne said...

I'd like to read more about your personal experiences and how you do your daily devotions. I enjoyed reading your meditation on Hypnos and would be interested in reading others. I also quite enjoy the historical pieces you write on how the Ancient Greeks practiced etc.

I love this blog!

Elani Temperance said...

Thank you for your reply! I'll definitely keep it in mind. Thank you, also, for your kind words. They mean a lot.